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My First Podcast Interview January 13, 2016

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Last fall I had the pleasure of speaking with Paula Slater who interviews all types of people in the equine industry for her podcast “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth”. For this first podcast, I spoke to her about how I got started in writing and my writing process. Later she will be interviewing me about Arabian racing and Arabian Finish Line magazine. But first, please take a listen to this interview. Many thanks to Paula for giving me the opportunity!

075 – The Riding Writer



Gwen in Her New Home November 18, 2015

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The time came for Gwen to find her permanent home. Several different people looked at her, but there was one person Debra and I both agreed upon that Gwen liked the best. But the timing wasn’t right. A year later (maybe more – time goes so fast) the situation changed. Gwen still needed a good home and her person was now able to take her. And as fate, or destiny, or whatever you want to call it, would have it, Gwen was available.

On Saturday, November 14, Debra hauled Gwen to her new home in Virginia. There she has other horsey friends and will live her life as a riding horse and spoiled diva princess – which is how it should be. Debra, especially, was sad to see Gwen go. After all, she had spent every day with her since Gwen came into our lives. I just floated in and out as needed. But we feel good in the home that she now has. We both knew it was the right situation. We just had to wait for the right time. Gwen will be loved and cared for and that’s all we can ask for in the end. It was our goal from the very beginning…to take this injured, slaughter-bound majestic creature and give her a chance at another life. I’m very proud to say that we did that. Many thanks to Debra for taking such good care of her the last few years. She deserves the vast majority of the credit. Job well done.


Gwen Emilie2

Gwen checking out her new surroundings…and making sure there is enough grass to eat.


Remember Gwen? July 29, 2014

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It’s been some time since I’ve talked about Gwen. Debra and I got her from Camelot a little over a year ago. If you need a reminder, this is what she looked like at the time.

G glamour shot

And here is Gwen today.


She has put on weight. Eating is one of her favorite things to do in life. The only remnant of her cut up legs is a small scar on her left front, which was the most injured of the four. She is sound, sassy, happy and very spoiled. We’ve always been curious of her parentage. A number of us thought she was an Anglo-Arab (Arabian/Thoroughbred cross) so Debra sent mane hairs off to Texas A&M for a DNA analysis. They can’t tell you exactly what a horse is, but they can tell you what the horse most likely is. We were surprised with the results. Number 1 and 2 on the list were Morgan and Saddlebred. Number 3 was Arabian. Now that she’s put on more weight, we can see Morgan in her but none of us can really see Saddlebred. So, we’ve decided she is a Morgan/Arabian cross. It doesn’t really make any difference. Gwen is Gwen and we love her regardless, but it was fun to find out.

Debra wanted me to include this quote for Gwen the next time I talked about her. I don’t know the author so I can’t give credit, but it works for Gwen and probably all rescued animals.

“I have nothing to fear, and here my story ends. My troubles are over, and I am home.”


Ready for Her Own Person June 10, 2014

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It’s time for Bahea to move on. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy spending time with her, but the original idea was to get her back into shape, see what she can do and see what type of person she would be suitable for. And I’ve done all that so now I need to do find her a permanent home with a wonderful person who will love her throughout her golden years. After knowing her for several months, this is what I would say about her:

At 17, Bahea is old enough to know better but sassy enough to have an opinion. She is smart, sensitive to the aids and easily forward. For the most part she is not spooky, but she has shied a couple of times. She’s an easy keeper, goes barefoot, stands well for vet and farrier, loads and hauls easily, is good away from home, can be ridden out alone or in company (though she prefers company) and is generally healthy and sound. She is stiff in her hind end, which has gotten better over the last few months, but I suspect will always be the case. She is trained to second/third level dressage, but she is a ways from being competitive at those levels. Overall she is a friendly, people oriented horse who takes most everything in stride in a been there-done that kind of way.


However, because of her sensitivity and the fact that from time to time she will test you, she is not appropriate for a beginner. She would be good for a petite adult or young rider with a good handle on the basics and quiet seat, hands and legs. She would be wonderful for someone who wants to learn how to ride the dressage movements like shoulder-in, travers, half-pass and counter canter. She’s competitive at the schooling show level and she is registered and could be very competitive at Arabian shows. She has jumped in her past but with her hind end now I don’t think it would be appropriate for her to do much over fences. She is enthusiastic over ground poles which leads me to believe that she once enjoyed jumping. She has never been bred and at her age I would advise against that.

So I ask you, who do you know that might be a good match for Bahea? I am asking $2,000 for her, but the right home is the most important factor here – not price. She deserves a good home and somewhere out there I know there is a person deserving of her.

20140225_161305-1_resized                    20140225_161348-1_resized


Stephanie J. Corum Named Editor-In-Chief of Arabian Finish Line May 27, 2014

The following is a copy of a press release sent out last week. I’m very excited for this new adventure but I will continue to work with the horses and blog about it. That part is too much fun to give up!

The Arabian racing industry suffered a significant blow with the unexpected passing of Bobbi Patscheider, longtime editor of Arabian Finish Line and staunch racing supporter. However, earlier this year, she had begun discussions of turning the magazine over to Stephanie J. Corum, and this transition is now occurring. The magazine will change its base of location from Summerfield, FL to Frederick, MD and continue to be a monthly print publication with plans to go digital in the future. Finish Line also publishes an annual Stallion Guide which will be in both print and digital formats.

Corum has been a regular contributor for Arabian Finish Line since 2000 and she has over 25 years of experience in Arabian and thoroughbred racing. She is a familiar, well-respected face in Arabian racing and suited to take the reins of the publication. “While I am very excited for this new challenge I wish it were under different circumstances. I would like Bobbi here to help with the transition, but her husband Don and daughter Judy have been very gracious and helpful. Everyone I have spoken to are enthused that the magazine will continue and are very supportive of my role in it. I see great things ahead for Arabian Finish Line, and it is my goal to make Bobbi proud.”

Corliss Hazard, another longtime member of the Arabian racing industry and media professional, has been named Director of Marketing. “I am very excited about Stephanie’s vision for the magazine and quite honored to be associated in her leadership for Arabian racing’s foremost publication.  As she takes over the reins from the revered Bobbi Patscheider, we all find ourselves guardians of a proven winner- a magazine as enduring as the horse it represents.  Positioned for its best years yet, exciting changes are about to happen. Arabian Finish Line is set to launch an impressive drive, and the avid support of everyone involved with purebred Arabian racehorses will lift this industry to the next level of growth and participation.  You will see changes that will elevate your spirit. The new marketing focus of Arabian Finish Line is to provide enhanced results for advertisers by reaching out to a greater audience, and in turn growing a grand, legitimate marketplace for the magnificent race-bred Arabian horse.”

The next issue will be a combined June/July issue and then will resume its monthly schedule. Advertising and content deadline is the tenth of every month.

The new contact information is as follows:
Arabian Finish Line
7820B Wormans Mill Road, Suite 253
Frederick, MD 21701


Bahea Goes to a Horse Show May 12, 2014

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One of the “tests” that remained with Bahea was how she would be at a horse show. This Saturday I took her to a small schooling dressage show and did training level test 1. Prior to the show, she bathed fine and clipped fine after giving her a few moments to remember what the clippers were. Then she tried to eat them and kept wiggling her muzzle while I was clipping it. She loaded on the trailer perfectly and (along with my horse Nadia) off we went!

Now I decided to show both of the horses on the same day because in that way I was taking up one weekend day instead of two. Good idea in theory, but the girls were definitely more worried about where each other was. Thank goodness that Plantation Valley Stable allowed me to use 2 stalls and my friends Carol and Deb were available to help me. If it weren’t for that I don’t think I would’ve been able to manage them.

Bahea warmed up like an experienced show horse and she stood outside the arena like she’d done it many times before. I’m not sure when her last show was, but it’s been years. Still, she obviously remembered what the scene was all about. Alone in the arena, however, she got nervous and tense. She started grinding the bit and wanted to look around a lot. She tried to be a little extra exuberant in the canter. But overall, she behaved herself well and acted how I expected her to. She scored a 61.45% which was lower than I would have liked but good enough to win her class. Good girl!

Storm clouds rolled in soon after we were done. During a break in the showers we loaded the horses up, but the rain started again soon afterwards. I had the misfortune to drive back to the farm in what felt like a hurricane. It was not a lot of fun and the horses were not happy. It started thundering by the time I arrived at the barn so I quickly managed to unload and get them in before it got too bad. Bless little Bahea’s heart she fell asleep in her stall about 15 minutes later. It was a tiring day for the girl.

Of course, in trying to just get the horses, myself and all our stuff, I completely forgot to take any pictures at the show. Sorry about that folks. But, believe me, she was a cutie all cleaned up!



The Closest I’ll Get to Competing at Rolex April 28, 2014

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I was so excited to see Lauren Kieffer finish second in the Rolex 4-star event. I’ve never met Lauren, but guess what – Bahea has! In addition to her Rolex partner Vironica, Lauren is well known for her accomplishments on the now retired Anglo-Arabian Snooze Alarm and his brother Vermiculus. Both of these talented horses and Bahea as well were all bred by Lawson and Jeannie Williams. I remember Lawson telling me about Snooze Alarm many years ago so I always kept an eye on him. He has also been keeping me apprised of her advances with Vermiculus.

It seems Lauren knew Bahea when she was in dressage training in Indiana. She recalls her being a solid, talented horse. It’s wonderful to have Lauren be a positive spokesperson for the Arabian breed and have such great success on Anglo-Arabians. I hope she will continue to do so. And congratulations must go out to Lawson and Jeannie (who have since gone their separate ways). They bred some outstanding sport horses and I’m pleased to be riding one of them. I hope that perhaps one day I’ll get to meet Lauren and her horses. For right now I’m excited to know someone who knows her!

To learn more about Lauren Kieffer and her horses, go to The photo below is of Lauren and Vironica after finishing their stadium jumping round at Rolex.