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Let’s try this blogging thing again January 15, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — theridingwriter @ 10:53 pm

I blogged for a while on my own website, but then I fell off the blogging bandwagon and haven’t posted since August. It got pushed aside for income producing activities, but I was reminded last week that there were people who actually read my blog on a regular basis. Well if there were already a few people reading it, maybe if I put some effort into it, got it on a site like WordPress and remained dedicated to it perhaps there would be more people reading it.

So I will endeavor to blog once a week (more if I’m inspired) – probably on the weekends when my work time is focused more on “my” stuff and less on work for others. I will keep with the horses, writing and children’s themes for now and I’ll probably bring back a few of my old blog posts. If you’d like me to write about something specific, feel free to comment. I’m always looking for new ideas. Until then, thanks for reading!


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