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Some Blatant Self-Promotion February 2, 2011

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Antics in the Attic

I am very excited that my new children’s book, Antics in the Attic, is now available. It can be ordered through the publisher, Headline Kids ( as well as Amazon and other online retailers. If you contact me personally, I’m happy to do personally signed copies. I also enjoy reading to children in schools, daycare centers, preschools, church groups and the like. If you are within a 2 hour radius of Williamsport, MD I’d be happy to come read this book and/or my first story Goats with Coats.

Antics in the Attic is the story of Zach who is afraid to go to sleep because of all the crazy noises in the attic. He worries what (or who) could be up there! This is an early reader filled with wonderfully colorful illustrations by Susan Tater.

Kim Long, PhD, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Shippensburg University said the following about Antics in the Attic. “Again, Corum has given us a story of animals and humans facing challenges and coming to a resolution. Helping children face their fears and understanding both the human and the animal world a little better, Antics in the Attic combines playful language with realistic dialogue in a story that kids will want to read over and over.”

I hope you and your children enjoy it!


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