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Horses in Your Soul April 19, 2011

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To me, horses are a big part of who I am. Sure, I work in the horse industry so it’s part of my working life., but it goes much further than that. I grew up obsessed with horses. Even though I started riding at age 8 I didn’t own my first horse until I was 22. There have been times since then that I’ve been horseless, but not for more than a year. Horse are more than a hobby for me. They are more than a profession. I guess they really are an addiction. A good ride on my horse can make me feel good for days, and if I go too long without riding I get very grumpy (just ask my husband). Being with the horses relieves my stress and allows me to get away from the difficult realities we’ve faced the last 2 years. You take the horses away and you literally take away my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Sure when it’s pouring down rain or freezing cold I’d much rather stay in bed, but they keep me going – keep me grounded – keep me sane when so much else goes wrong. But how do I explain that to non-horse people? How do I explain that to people who see horses as extravagant expenses that do nothing but cost money? How do I justify keeping them and the farm? Would I survive without them? Sure I would. Would I be happy? Absolutely not.

I’m curious to know what other horse people think. What are horses to you? A hobby? An addiction? A way of life?