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Literacy for Children May 11, 2011

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Last week I had the good fortune to read “Antics in the Attic” at the Marshall Street School’s Literacy Night. In a time where electronic gaming rules and writing has been reduced to LOL, TTYL some may lose sight of literacy. Of course as a writer and a reader I think it’s very important and I love the idea of a literacy night for young people. It’s a great time for family, fellowship and to learn something new. The school provided some great tips that I thought were worth sharing. By doing just a few of these we will help form the next generation of great writers.

Literacy Activities to do at Home:
Read to your children before bedtime every night.
Bake our favorite recipe and cook meals together.
Tell stories to your children about when you were growing up and about when they were born.
Tell traditional stories about your culture.
Play games together.
Look at family photos together and talk about them.
Take lots of pictures and do scrapbooking.

Tips for Parents on Reading:
Let them see you reading.
Share books together.
Point out the print that is all around you. Look at street signs, grocery store labels and posters.
Choose a book from the library or from your home. It’s even better if you let your children choose.
Take turns reading aloud or tell the story by looking at the pictures.
Talk about what’s happening in the story.
Help your children with difficult words.
Praise your children for reading.

Tips for Parents on Writing
Let your children watch when you do basic writing tasks such as filling in forms, paying bills, writing birthday cards and writing shopping lists.
Let them put a scribble or drawing around their name on a greeting card.
Encourage them to scribble and draw (in appropriate places of course!). This is the beginning stage of writing.
Make sure you always have writing materials available. This includes lots of paper, pens, pencils, crayons and markers, old envelopes or greeting cards for kids to copy, little blank books for children to make their stories and a box to keep all the materials.


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