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Some Random Thoughts on My Trip to NYC May 27, 2011

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I just spent a few days in New York City attending my first Book Expo America with my publisher Headline Kids. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back again next year. Here are just a few random thoughts I had about the entire trip.

1. Books may be dead, but not among librarians. They want books of every size, shape and genre!

2. People can be polite waiting in line. There were lines galore for popular authors signing their latest releases. Everyone waited their turn without pushing, shoving or making rude comments.

3. There is still a market for romance and young adult fiction as evidenced by the long lines for these types of books.

4. We traveled by train from Baltimore to NYC. It was a great way to get there, but it does take you through areas you would never see otherwise. All along the East Coast route you go by many vacant row houses and abandoned factories that harkened back to a time when this country produced goods and shipped via train rather than import everything from China and transport via truck.

5. Baltimore has some rough areas that rival anything New York can produce.

6. There really is a Starbucks on every corner.

7. NYC is very crowded and very vertical. It can make one a bit claustrophobic.

8. It seems that a Starbucks cup in your hand and earnubs in your ears are as important accessories as shoes and sunglasses.

9. There are men and women in NYC that are very fashionable. And then there are some with a very unique sense of fashion.

10. It seems many women in NYC are like women in Paris. They carry the nylon Longchamp bag as their “everyday” bag. I saw many in various shapes and sizes. I was a proud carrying member of that group. I love my Longchamp bags! They are durable and never go out of style.

11. The city is always busy, but the makeup of the crowd is different at different times of day. Before 8am it’s full of suits. By 10am it’s mostly tourists. Then the after 5 crowd are people walking their dogs. Then you have the theatre crowd, the after dinner theatre crowd, and finally after 10pm the nightlife crowd starts to come out.

12. The last night we were there, we headed back to our hotel room around 10pm. It seemed too early as the nightlife was just getting started.

13. Want to get somewhere? Walk.


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