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Some Random Horse Facts September 20, 2011

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I do the vast majority of my research online. I vaguely remember the day when I had to go to the library and look up articles and books and take notes directly from there. Then there was interlibrary loan when the book I needed wasn’t carried by my local library. And now most everything is at our fingertips. All we have to do is “Goggle it”. Of course with the advent of blogging and anyone being able to post whatever he/she likes (kinda like this blog right here…) one has to be very careful about what is used for sources. Using accurate, reliable sources and fact checking should still be a vital part of research. But it’s also very easy to get distracted when you are researching online. Invariably I will start clicking on interesting looking links and before long I’m somewhere completely different from where I started and where I should be. I guess it could be considered online ADD. And one of those times I found some interesting horse facts that I thought I’d share. Oh…and FYI…the source that was sited there was The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies, by Tamsin Pickeral.

  • There are about 75 million horses in the world.
  • Horses younger than 4 years can concentrate for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Horses sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day, but only lay down about 45 minutes a day.
  • A horse has approximately 205 bones.
  • There are over 350 breeds of horses and ponies.
  • Horses have 2 blind spots. One is directly in front of them. The other is directly behind them.
  • Horses can drink up to 10 gallons of water per day.



2 Responses to “Some Random Horse Facts”

  1. s chapin Says:

    I love the fact that Arabians have one less bone then the rest of the breeds (vetebrae) and that shetland ponies are the equilivant to a universal donor for blood. (I have forgotten how many blood types horses have, thinking it is 85, but will have to look)Thanks … now I have to go do some research. 🙂

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