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How do you think? October 8, 2011

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I think in words. I constantly have an internal dialogue going through my head about what to say, how to say it, what words I would use to describe something. (This doesn’t make me crazy, does it?) I find myself trying to anticipate the dialogue while watching movies and TV. When I read, I take note of the words used to create tone of voice and a sense of space. I can get so involved in that aspect that I lose sight of simply reading the story. My husband says that when he designs and draws he sees everything in 3-D and can picture the completed project. Picturing things in my mind is difficult. I was never good in the spatial relationship portion of those standardized tests we took in school. For me it’s all words, which is I guess why writing has always come easily to me. So one might think I learn well by listening or reading, but that isn’t the case. Sure, I can read and understand a concept, but until I do the work myself it isn’t solidified into my brain. I am no doubt a kinesthetic learner. Not sure what that means if anything, but I find it fascinating how people think and how people learn. It’s such a challenge as a teacher to be able to determine a student’s learning style and develop methods to meet those needs, especially if it is a style different from his/her own. And then when teaching disabled individuals, like I do with therapeutic riding, it can be even more challenging. In many cases these students can’t tell you how they think and how they learn so there ends up being a lot of trial and error.

Give it some thought. How do you think? How do you learn? What goes through your head and how do you visualize? Ask these same questions to your family and friends. Chances are you will hear lots of different answers and you may realize why some people are talented in certain areas.