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I’m Inspired by the Sacrifice of Others January 30, 2012

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I digress a bit in this post. Recently, I became a charter member of the Chambersburg Civitan. Although I was new to Civitan, I supported their mission of helping others, particularly those with developmental disabilities. One of the first events they talked about at the meetings was a Clergy dinner hosted by local Civitan clubs. I had no idea specifically why Civitan did this, other than to acknowledge and thank the clergy of our area which in and of itself is a worthy reason. Then in the latest Civitan magazine I read the saga of the Four Chaplains that inspired Civitan’s Clergy Appreciation Week. I was very moved by the heroic tale of 4 clergy that gave the ultimate sacrifice on the USAT Dorchester which was sunk by a German submarine in the icy Atlantic waters 150 miles from Greenland in 1943. Before sacrificing themselves they saved many others and gave comfort to those that could not be saved. I would encourage you to take 5 minutes to read their tale.,,20565675,00.html

If men such as these can give their lives to save others, can’t we all give an hour or two of our time to a worthy cause? Whether it is a service organization like Civitan, a local non-profit organization or even a friend or neighbor in need, we can all help someone somewhere. You never know what difference you might make in a person’s life. And when you give, you get paid back in so many ways many times over.


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