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A Shout Out to Those Making a Difference February 17, 2012

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Just when I start to get a little too cynical about things, something happens that¬†reminds that there are good people out there. Very good people. People that give of their time, their expertise, their money, and ask for nothing in return. I’ve seen people with very little money still manage to donate $5. I’ve seen very generous souls believe so much in an organization that they give much, much more than that. It’s because they believe in what that non-profit does. And so many non-profits work so hard and do such good work. They all need help. They all need donations. It’s so hard to pick one, but it doesn’t matter. These non-profits change people’s (and animal’s) lives. In therapeutic horseback riding I’ve seen it happen time and time again. From the non-verbal child who suddenly starts to talk, to the adult that was inspired to get healthy and lose weight to the little girl who was so excited to ride a horse again she couldn’t be still. And as long as there is life breathing into a non-profit it will continue to happen. So, from one volunteer to another, and from the manager of a non-profit¬†organization, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for thinking beyond yourself. Thank you for helping those in need. Whether you give time, supplies, money; it doesn’t matter. Know that the gifts are appreciated. You don’t get enough credit, and sadly you never will. But that’s not why you do it. You do it because you want to make a difference. And in case you ever question that, don’t. You do make a difference every day.