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Yes, Arabian Horses Race March 13, 2012

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I started working in the Arabian horse racing industry in 1993, and I still get that question. Yes, Arabians race all over the world actually. In the US they run regularly in Michigan, California, Delaware, Texas, and Colorado. In the last two years they took historic steps by running a major stakes race at Keeneland and Churchill Downs. If you want to learn more, I suggest checking out the Arabian Jockey Club ( and Arabian Racing Cup ( websites. Arabian racing is a niche market and like horses, the Arabian breed and horse racing, they have had their share of challenges the last few years. When the economy takes away discretionary income, industries like racing and horses can get hit hard. But still, even in this down economy when people have sold their horses, decreased their breeding and trimmed back their racing stables, the Arabian owners and breeders remain. These are some of the best people you will find. They are very passionate about their sport, but especially about their horses. And there is a core, dedicated group that is determined to keep Arabian racing in the United States vibrant and part of the international racing scene. It is not an easy task, but in a world where companies are closing every day, I still wouldn’t bet against this resilient (some might say stubborn) group of people.



4 Responses to “Yes, Arabian Horses Race”

  1. Love your blog, and thank you for agreeing to share with our IASA members! 🙂

    • Thanks Susan. Arabian racehorses are a relatively untapped market for sport horse people. These Arabians are bred to be athletes and they make awesome sport horses! Oration is proof of that. It will be great to bring the two groups closer together.

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