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Even more ideas April 12, 2012

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Obviously from these posts, you can tell I’ve been spending more and more time generating ideas for myself and at the request of magazine editors. Every week I need to come up with a fresh list of ideas. An exercise I┬álearned to help determine what “job” you could pursue is also a good one for generating ideas. Try listing out everything that comes to mind that interests you. Don’t worry about being broad. You can start with one large topic and then think about what specifically can come from that. Then make a list of the major tasks you have done in your current and previous jobs or tasks you would like to pursue. Look at those lists and see where you can generate ideas. Consider combining the lists to come up with even more options. Here’s just a random sampling from me.

Topics of interest: horses, horse racing, dressage, chocolate, music, Impressionist art, European travel, hiking, skiing, reading, designer fashion, wine, cheese, Mexican food, French food, volunteer work.

Job responsibilities: writing magazine articles, producing newsletters, presenting to writing groups, reading to children, grant writing, data entry, customer service, fundraising

Multiple ideas can come from every one of those topics. Then you can even combine them. For example, you can pitch grant writing tips to nonprofit equine organizations, write about volunteering for children’s groups, the best places to ski in Europe and pairing wines with cheese. Hmmm…there are some good ideas here that I’ll have to add to my own ongoing list. What would be on your list?