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Things We’ve Learned About Gwen June 24, 2013

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Gwen has settled very nicely into her new home. Hair is already growing back on her hind legs and the puncture wound on her left front is healing. In the two week’s she’s been at Debra’s we’ve learned quite a bit so I thought I’d share.

1. Gwen is taking her royal name quite literally. She already believes the world revolves around her.

2. When she gets mad she stomps her front foot.

3. She knows “wrapper” noises and loves peppermints.

4. She knows how to lunge, although she doesn’t seem to be familiar with side reins.

5. She has had a lot of ground work. She tunes in quickly to body language.

6. She loves to brushed, petted, told that she’s a good girl, and generally loved all over.

7. She appears to be very stoic.

8. She is incredibly intelligent.

9. She is very impatient for her food.

10. She bonds quickly to another horse. Currently her pasture friend is an aged chestnut Arabian mare.

What we haven’t found out is anything about her past. Attempts to contact the people on her Coggins have been unsuccessful. She did have a special treat on Friday. Lisa Brewer, who has a soft spot for rescues, came and gave Gwen a massage. (Thanks Lisa!) Not unexpectedly, Gwen was a very good girl. Lisa found some soreness on her left side, which could have been as a result of her trailer injury. She was subsequently reactive in her right hind hip. But we think Gwen mostly enjoyed herself. She gave all the classic release signs of licking/chewing, yawning and passing gas. She followed it up with a brief rest.

G lying down

This week I plan to ride Gwen and start to see what she knows under saddle. I suspect it’s a lot.


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