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More “Firsts” for Gwen July 18, 2013

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This week, despite it being the hottest week so far this year, brought more new experiences for Gwen – a lesson and a saddle fit. Unfortunately, Debra and I both forgot to take pictures and video so I don’t have any visuals. I’ll blame it on the heat.

Monday afternoon, I did a lesson on Gwen with my current instructor, Brandi Benedict of Son Rise Stables in Lovettesville, VA ( . Brandi had me work at a walk and trot on asking Gwen to bend slightly, move away from my inside leg and soften her topline. It was pretty obvious that Gwen had never been required to do that. She went through lots of different positions, but eventually she started to drop her head and relax her back. Mind you just for a stride or so, but hey…it was an attempt and at this point that is all we are looking for. Debra said she could see Gwen thinking about what was being asked of her and Brandi mentioned a few times in the trot that she was going to have a beautiful trot once she learns to carry herself. We didn’t work too hard as it was very hot and Gwen was not very fit, but overall everyone was pleased with her effort and I have confirmation of what to work on until Brandi can come back.

The next day, saddle fitter Gina Perilla ( came to check saddles for several of Debra’s horses. We asked her to look at what we had to see what would be the best fit for Gwen. As it turns out, none of them really fit her. They are all too wide. The best option currently is one of my saddles. However, it would be best to find something slightly narrower. So, Debra and I are on the lookout for a 17.5 inch, medium-tree dressage or all-purpose saddle that doesn’t cost a lot of money. The idea will then be to sell the saddle with Gwen. Of course, Gwen was a model student for everything and continued to thrive on the attention.




Just this morning, Debra sent me pictures of Gwen’s tail. When she arrived, she had rubbed out the top of her tail and had a bad sore underneath it. Well, you can see from the photos that her tail is starting to grow back nicely. It will take a long time to come in completely, but it’s made a lot of progress in 5 weeks.

tail 5 weeks


2 Responses to “More “Firsts” for Gwen”

  1. Janet Says:

    It is SO wonderful to follow her progress and see her blossom as she is! You guys deserve such credit for what you are doing for this mare. And you are forgiven for not getting photos of her lesson. When it is 450* outside, you are doing well just to GET yourself to the lesson and stay on and not melt and slide off the horse mid-stride!! However, your readers are eagerly anticipating photos of this lovely girl next time! 😉

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