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In Memory of “Bill the Pony” August 31, 2013

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I digress from Gwen this week to honor another rescue of sorts. Bill, aka Sir William of Winwood was purchased by my good friend Debra for $300 from his owner who was looking to trade him for grain.

Bill lived out 10 years of wonderful retirement with Debra, always looking for a way to escape to get grass, always hanging out in the aisleway with his “posse” Wilbur and Charlie the donkeys, and always sneaking into a stall when no one was looking. Bill may have been small in statue, but he was large in personality.




In the end, though he was still strong in spirit, his feet were no longer able to hold him. On Friday, Debra did the last act of love she could do and helped him cross the rainbow bridge. Though he is no longer with us physically, I know that his spirit still resides at Windwood. Run fast and eat well Sir William. You will be missed.



5 Responses to “In Memory of “Bill the Pony””

  1. Stephanie, another wonderful story! Thanks, Margaret & the spirits of Nipper and Sonny

  2. Lawson Says:

    Nice tribute.
    So grateful to know there are those out there that are into the “Spirit” of the horse.
    All the Best, Lawson

  3. Leslie Says:

    So sorry to hear about Bill. I remember meeting him the first time I came to Debra’s farm – I think not long after she got Bill. Debra gave him a wonderful life. May he rest in peace.

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