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Gwen is Spoiled Rotten! September 19, 2013

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She is. She really is. I mean seriously. Look at that photo and the expression on her face. She is very pleased to be wearing a tiara as she no doubt feels it is her right. She demands attention, but in a good way, and you can’t help but give it to her because she is so funny about it. Did I mention that face?

It’s been an eventful few weeks for Gwen. First we had someone come look at her. Mind you, we aren’t advertising her or anything like that. As far as I’m concerned she isn’t ready for that yet. But Gwen is getting a reputation (luckily a good one) and a very kind lady wanted to come look at her. Since her vet is the same as Debra’s vet we figured it was okay. She even got on Gwen and walked around. And, trooper that she is, Gwen handled it well. And even though the lady liked Gwen and considered it an honor to ride her, it wasn’t quite the right match. And that is fine. It’s important to find the right person for a horse and the right horse for a person.

Next I was profiled by the Virginia dressage organization VADA/Nova as their member of the month for September. As such they print a profile and photo. I thought it would be great exposure for Gwen so I submitted the picture of the day of our first ride together. Gwen is always pleased to expand her fan club!

Then Brandi Benedict came back for more lessons. Gwen remembered Brandi from the last time, but for this go round I rode her the entire time. She is definitely getting better but still has a long way to go to be balanced and steady. As you can see in the picture, she still braces with the underside of her neck, but she is learning to soften and her trot has gotten very rhythmical, so it is coming. Of course, when I look at the picture all I can see are the faults in my position! Please someone tell me to get my heels down, shorten my reins and get my hands out of my lap! Sorry…I digress for a moment.

gwen and steph Sept 1 2013

The week after Brandi’s lesson, Debra loaded Gwen up with her friend and her horse and took them to nearby Plantation Valley Stable. It was a busy night at the boarding facility with lessons and others riding in the indoor arena, people milling about and horses in the barn aisle. As to be expected Gwen looked around but nothing more. She whinnied once, surprising since she is such the social queen, and Debra had a nice, easy ride on her. We couldn’t be more pleased with her wonderful temperament. I’d like to find a little horse show to take her to just for fun, but it’s hard to schedule. Still, hopefully yet this fall we will make it out once.