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Can Gwen jump? Of course she can! October 11, 2013

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Last week I took Gwen over some ground poles which she went through like “Yes, ground poles. Been there, done that. Next.” So this week I set up a little cross rail to see if she jumped. Now, by little, I mean about 12 inches. My days of jumping big jumps seem to be well behind me. She trotted straight into it, trotted over it and trotted straight on. Yup. She’s jumped. And probably in lessons too since the trot straight, jump, trot straight is a common exercise in beginner lessons. Debra put the jump up to a whopping 12 inch vertical. Ooo…a vertical! Exciting stuff, right? Trot, trot, trot…trot fence…trot, trot, trot. I came to the conclusion that Gwen either had no idea how to jump or the fences weren’t high enough for her to justify any jumping effort. Debra and I decided it was likely the latter so Debra moved it up to an 18 inch cross rail. That was enough! Trot, trot, trot…little hop over fence…trot, trot, trot. What a good girl! We went over our sizable cross rail a few more times and I exclaimed us ready for a cross country course. I had a lot of fun doing tiny little fences with Gwen. Maybe next we’ll try a line or even set up a little course.

You probably notice there are no pictures of me jumping said jumps. We didn’t think about it but I suppose we can try to get some next time. My jumping form would be wonderful comic relief!