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Checking in on Gwen November 18, 2013

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You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t blogged for a while. It’s because I haven’t seen Gwen. Personal issues such as selling our farm, moving and my mother’s poor health have taken priority. But of course Gwen is in the best of care with Debra. A week or so ago Debra mentioned that she was getting a bit fat. And when I finally got back there on Friday I saw (and subsequently felt) for myself that she has indeed gotten more “curvy”. Food is VERY important to Gwen and she hasn’t missed a meal. She spends her days standing at the round bale munching away. It’s a tough life.

Even though she hadn’t been ridden in weeks there was no problem hopping right on her and doing our thing. She was compliant enough to do what I asked, but she did get to puffing faster than normal for her. So we kept it short and sweet and hopefully the weather will be agreeable to get her back into a program. Debra would like to get her out on the trail. It’s one thing we haven’t tried with her yet, but I suspect, like everything else, she will be fine. In the meantime Gwen is quite content thanks to Debra’s attentive care. She has friends in the pasture, plenty of food and water, lots of turnout, her own stall, and (most importantly) undivided attention. She’s one happy horse and that’s as it should be.


2 Responses to “Checking in on Gwen”

  1. Margaret Lundy Says:

    Hi Steph, so you’ve moved? Are you living in the city now? Hope not! Gwen sounds like a charmer. Hope you will be able to keep working with her, and I hope your mother is doing ok..

  2. Well Margaret, if you consider Frederick, MD the city then yes we did! We are temporarily living in an apartment while our townhouse is being built. If you come this way you’ll have to see the house…and Gwen!

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