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Please allow me a moment of self-promotion December 5, 2013

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It is the holiday season and I want to take a moment to let everyone know I have two wonderful illustrated children’s books that make great gifts! “Goats with Coats” is my first, and suitable for children up to around age 9. “Antics in the Attic” is my second book and it is good for younger kids – say up to about 7. Both stories read really well aloud and for the month of December I’m waiving all shipping charges on them. These make great gifts for children, grandchildren, elementary school teachers, preschool or day care people, anyone who encounters children on a regular basis!


And if you are associated with a non-profit I do utilize my books as fundraisers. You sell the books (or have me in during an event to do a book signing) and I will donate a portion of the proceeds to your charity. It’s an easy way to raise money! I’m also available to any group or class for book readings and signings. Please contact me for more information.


I’m happy to do personally signed copies that can be ordered by emailing, calling, or ordering directly through my website, Through me “Goats with Coats” is $9 and “Antics in the Attic” is $14. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for the opportunity to spread the word.

And stay tuned for a special Christmas message about Gwen.


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