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One Door Closes, Another Opens January 7, 2014

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I haven’t seen Gwen since before Christmas. The holidays, sick parents requiring my attention, and oh yes…the weather, have kept me away. But I did give Debra and Gwen a gift for Christmas. I’ve known for some time what I was going to do, but I had to wait for the right time. What better time than Christmas? Debra and I went into this venture to find Gwen a permanent, loving home. It became obvious to me after a couple of months that Gwen already had her permanent, loving home. Debra adores Gwen and Gwen is quite smitten with Debra. Not to mention that Gwen is very happy where she is. She has lots of horsey friends, plenty of turnout, more than enough hay (judging by her hay belly), and a treat that is never far away. Could we really find a better situation? I doubt it. So for Christmas I gave my “share” of Gwen to Debra. Okay, obviously I’m not a horse trader. Nor am I in this to make money. But that’s okay. What I am in this for is to spread the word about the value of Arabians and part-Arabians, work with horses and people who want to learn, and do my part in finding the right match for a person and a horse needing a good home.


Could Gwen be any more content?

Although Gwen is technically the “One Door Closes” in this title, the door really isn’t closed. I will still be around her regularly (just as soon as the weather improves), and certainly if Debra finds another perfect person for Gwen she can move her on. But for now Gwen is happily staying at Windwood Farm. Perhaps that is what she (Gwen that is) had in mind all along. And of course I will still update people on how she is doing, but (as the title implies) I already have another project. Her name is Bahea and she is a very sweet Arabian mare. But more about her next time.


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