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The Closest I’ll Get to Competing at Rolex April 28, 2014

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I was so excited to see Lauren Kieffer finish second in the Rolex 4-star event. I’ve never met Lauren, but guess what – Bahea has! In addition to her Rolex partner Vironica, Lauren is well known for her accomplishments on the now retired Anglo-Arabian Snooze Alarm and his brother Vermiculus. Both of these talented horses and Bahea as well were all bred by Lawson and Jeannie Williams. I remember Lawson telling me about Snooze Alarm many years ago so I always kept an eye on him. He has also been keeping me apprised of her advances with Vermiculus.

It seems Lauren knew Bahea when she was in dressage training in Indiana. She recalls her being a solid, talented horse. It’s wonderful to have Lauren be a positive spokesperson for the Arabian breed and have such great success on Anglo-Arabians. I hope she will continue to do so. And congratulations must go out to Lawson and Jeannie (who have since gone their separate ways). They bred some outstanding sport horses and I’m pleased to be riding one of them. I hope that perhaps one day I’ll get to meet Lauren and her horses. For right now I’m excited to know someone who knows her!

To learn more about Lauren Kieffer and her horses, go to The photo below is of Lauren and Vironica after finishing their stadium jumping round at Rolex.



3 Responses to “The Closest I’ll Get to Competing at Rolex”

  1. Wonderful news for Lauren. It’s so neat that Bahea knows her.

  2. Lawson Williams Says:

    Lauren is such a talented rider! Only 2.7 points off Fox Pitts the winner.
    Just think, this journey begin when Lauren, as a teenager, took over riding “Snooze Alarm” due to the trainer being pregnant and asked Lauren to ride him. Lauren has not looked back since.

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