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Ready for Her Own Person June 10, 2014

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It’s time for Bahea to move on. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy spending time with her, but the original idea was to get her back into shape, see what she can do and see what type of person she would be suitable for. And I’ve done all that so now I need to do find her a permanent home with a wonderful person who will love her throughout her golden years. After knowing her for several months, this is what I would say about her:

At 17, Bahea is old enough to know better but sassy enough to have an opinion. She is smart, sensitive to the aids and easily forward. For the most part she is not spooky, but she has shied a couple of times. She’s an easy keeper, goes barefoot, stands well for vet and farrier, loads and hauls easily, is good away from home, can be ridden out alone or in company (though she prefers company) and is generally healthy and sound. She is stiff in her hind end, which has gotten better over the last few months, but I suspect will always be the case. She is trained to second/third level dressage, but she is a ways from being competitive at those levels. Overall she is a friendly, people oriented horse who takes most everything in stride in a been there-done that kind of way.


However, because of her sensitivity and the fact that from time to time she will test you, she is not appropriate for a beginner. She would be good for a petite adult or young rider with a good handle on the basics and quiet seat, hands and legs. She would be wonderful for someone who wants to learn how to ride the dressage movements like shoulder-in, travers, half-pass and counter canter. She’s competitive at the schooling show level and she is registered and could be very competitive at Arabian shows. She has jumped in her past but with her hind end now I don’t think it would be appropriate for her to do much over fences. She is enthusiastic over ground poles which leads me to believe that she once enjoyed jumping. She has never been bred and at her age I would advise against that.

So I ask you, who do you know that might be a good match for Bahea? I am asking $2,000 for her, but the right home is the most important factor here – not price. She deserves a good home and somewhere out there I know there is a person deserving of her.

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7 Responses to “Ready for Her Own Person”

  1. I’m reading this on my cell phone and can’t tell–I can’t get to your about page. Where is she located? Thanks.

  2. Thank you for considering her and thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Mary Says:

    I realize the post “Ready for her Own Person” was posted a year ago now, but I wanted to say that I have Bahea’s dam at the moment, Bitkana. I found Bitkana’s pedigree at, saw one of her foals was Bahea and then did a google search for her which led me to this website. I’m not sure of the details but Bitkana somehow ended up at the Indiana Horse Rescue along with several other older Arabian broodmares. I am currently fostering Bitkana as I was looking for a pasture mate for my own older horse. Bitkana is now 25 and very well-preserved. She has a lovely personality, and I’m enjoying getting to know her. Bitkana and her other mare friends are available for adoption. Folks can visit the Indiana Horse Rescue website at to see the horses available for adoption.

    • Thanks for the update Mary! I’m so glad Bintkana found you. I will let Bahea ‘ s breeder know as I’m sure he will be glad to hear that Bintkana is safe.

      • Mary Says:

        Thank you for passing the information along. The rescue didn’t have a lot of information on Bitkana (that’s how her name is listed on the rescue website and the “allbreedpedigree” website, but I noticed you spelled her name as Bintkana- hope we are talking about the same mare) so I’d be curious to learn about her background if you would happen to know. I wonder if she was ever trained undersaddle, raced or had more foals than the two that I could find on the pedigree website (Bahea and Jacques A Beau)?

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