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A Conversation with Lily August 2, 2017

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Lily has scratches. That’s a blog post in itself, but for another day. The first day I tried to rub the scabs off she had a fit. I understand they hurt and I understand she is sensitive, but trying to kick me while holding her hind foot is unacceptable behavior. So Lily and I went outside and had a conversation. This was the first serious talk she and I had, and she was initially stunned. I started moving her one direction and then the other and she exploded because she didn’t like being told what to do. However, within only a few minutes she settled down and listened. Good enough for that day.

The following day I went back to work with her again. I figured she would either be like “get away from me you mean lady” or would listen nicely. I was very glad to see that she listened quite well and acted like a lady. She was relatively good for working with her scratches, and she continues to be. She doesn’t like it, but she has not tried to kick me again.

I have since worked with her several more times and she is spot on. Lily is quite smart and willing to work as long as she has her thinking brain on and not her flight brain. (She did break her lead rope spooking at someone wearing a rain slicker. Sigh… We have not gotten to desensitizing with a rain slicker, but it’s on the list.) Today was the first time she had to work while something else was going on around her. A person was bringing horses in while I had her in the outdoor arena. At first she thought it was impossible to focus on me when other things were happening, but it took very little to convince her that she could. Then she tuned into me and didn’t look at the other horses again. I am very impressed with her brain and her willingness. Now only if she can learn to tone down the flight response…


Your working space May 1, 2012

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My office has been bugging me. It’s way too disorganized and cluttered. I keep telling myself that I should take one day and get it organized but then I don’t feel like I’m doing the work necessary to produce income. On the other hand, I know I would be more productive in a better environment. It’s a vicious circle. Are you working out of a home office? If so, here are some tips I found that you might find handy.

1. Write goals down – It’s so easy to get distracted and with no boss looking over your shoulder, it’s also easy to let yourself off the hook. Keeping your calender in front of you as well as a daily list of tasks helps keep you focused. When you finish a task, scratch it off your list. That’s a great feeling!
2. Stay away from email, the phone, Facebook, etc. – Constant interruptions are not good for a writer. Maybe when you’re researching but not when it gets down to cranking out that article under a deadline. Keep your message reading to certain times.
3. Tidy office – Working surrounded by piles of papers and month-old to-do lists will only drag you down. Have a big tidy up once a week and you’ll feel so much better. (I’m really going to try to stick to this one.)
4. Music – This is not for everyone, but if it keeps you motivated then go for it. I personally work in silence most of the time.
5. Daily Schedule – Even though you are working from home and don’t have to follow the usual office rules, try to set a daily plan for yourself. Start at the same time, have lunch at a set time, etc. It helps to have a daily routine.
6. Just Start – Have a job you really don’t want to do? Try to get it done first thing. Scratching that one off your list feels like a weight being lifted off your shoulders and brightens up your day.
7. Close your door – If there are distractions at home, like people watching TV or noisy kids, make it a rule to not be disturbed when your door is shut.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes!